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Environmental Informatics and Business Information Systems

Every day, the efficient use of scarce resources, the climate change and its consequences for the environment issue new challenges to the society. The topic of sustainability gains more and more in importance and runs like a common thread through all areas of daily living. Thus, the information and communication technology constitutes also no exception: under the heading “Green IT”, it occupies itself with the question of how modern information technology in hardware and software can be used in energy efficient way.  Not only industry but also government offices and public administrations have an increasing requirement of environment oriented IT solutions and environmental information systems. For this, it is necessary to have knowledge not only of computer science, particularly business informatics, but also a broad learning in the fields of environmental science and business studies. These three main topics are the focus of the bachelor course of environmental and business computer science.

Commencement: Winter and summer semester

Standard duration: 7 semesters

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Admission restriction: none

Tuition fees: none (only standard fees)

Postgraduate courses:
This Bachelor Degree provides graduates with an excellent foundation to obtain further qualifications through postgraduate studies. At the Environmental Campus graduates can apply to one of the following Master's Degree Programs:



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