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Environmental Economics and Business Management

The goal of the Environmental Economics and Business Management course is to impart fundamental knowledge and methods essential for careers in business economics. This hands-on course equips students with the ability to develop and implement solutions to complex environmental, business and economic issues. Our graduates choose to work in various sectors of the economy, the industry as well as public and private services.

Application Deadline for the summer semester: 15th March, 2010

Commencement: Summer and winter semester

Standard Duration: six semesters

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Accreditation: Until 30th September, 2012

Admission Restrictions (N.C.): None

Tuition: None (only standard fees)

Postgraduate Courses:

This Bachelor's Degree provides graduates with an excellent foundation to obtain further qualifications through postgraduate studies. At the Environmental Campus graduates can apply to one of the following Master's Degree Programmes:


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