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Study Semester “Principles of Sustainable Business”

Take on the challenge and shape our future – your actions matter!

As one of the projects of the UN-Decade “Education for Sustainable Development”, our Study Semester implements the maxims of the global sustainability movement. This means teaching about the complex economic, ecological and social origins of today’s megatrends such as climate change, demography, resource management and intergenerational justice.

We believe that knowledge has to be filled with life. These challenges need real-life solutions; accordingly we want to educate game-changers who are able to

  • Think ahead and address the megatrends
  • Interconnect their respective fields by working in international teams and profiting from each other’s diverse knowledge
  • Act autonomously and approach problems with fresh ideas
  • Have a say and take part in society’s decisions


It’s your turn: Explore Sustainability in Germany!

Are you studying business, ecology or environmental science and want to acquire key qualifications in sustainable management? Take part in an intensive course and learn how companies gain valuable advantages in the international market and prosper by implementing sustainable business solutions.

Gain hands-on experience of successful sustainable projects and experience how to adapt to today’s main challenge of integrating business success and sustainability. Meet the experts on successful environmental management at the Birkenfeld Environmental Campus. You can find out about Germany, its regulatory and business approach to today’s environmental challenges. Last but not least, you visit fascinating business and cultural sites.


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