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Student Participation

Opens external link in new windowAStA - Student Union
The student union is your representation in all matters concerning your studies and your life on campus. Your suggestions and requests are always welcome here. Every student has the opportunity to hand in applications for the procuration of new equipment and other things. 

Opens external link in new windowFachbereichsrat
The department council debates and decides on matters of the department of fundamental significance. To ensure a competent execution of the departments duties the department council can appoint committees, for example the examination committee. The department councils as well as its sub-committees are made up of professors, students and employees.

Opens external link in new windowFachschaft - Student representatives of departments
The “Fachschaft” constitutes the student representation of the different departments. At the environmental campus there are two, one for each department. Each deals with all matters concerning your studies in your department.

Opens external link in new windowStuPa - Student Parliament
The student parliament is a legislative organ and the highest quorate board of the student body. Its first and primary task is to supervise the AStA – student union. It is also responsible to ensure a fair use and administration of financial resources.
Apart from that the student parliament takes interest in all political matters concerning the university.