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Student Work Spaces

UCB Contact: Room 14-019 and Room 14-018

On the ground floor of the UCB-Contact building you can find a student recreational room. In between lectures, students can meet for coffee, work on their computers and use the wireless Internet connection, talk about projects and exchange ideas. Employees at the information desk are there to answer your questions about studies and the campus.

During freshers' week in the summer semester 2004 (Flying Days 2004), the UCB-contact team and a group of workshop participants created a new work and recreational room for students to relax. The adjacent lecture room was connected to UCB-Contact through a door and completely redesigned. It is now equipped with comfortable, as well as functional, furniture. A whiteboard and tables supplement the comfortable work atmosphere.


In building 24, you can find two study rooms with black boards, in which tutorials take place. Only during these times - which are displayed on the door - are the rooms not available for recreational use.

Library (Central Building, 1st floor)

The library provides single tables for students who want to study by themselves. There are also four study rooms for group work.

These rooms are available to students of the Environmental Campus as study and recreational rooms. Lecture rooms can also be used for these purposes at times when no lectures are taking place. Lecture and tutorial times are displayed on the doors or can be checked at UCB-Contact. Please remember to switch off the light and close the door when you leave the rooms.