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Bachelor Program “Sustainable Business and Technology” (B.Eng.)

Key Facts

Final degree: Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)

Standard course length: 6 semesters

Language of instruction: English

Total ECTS points: 180

Beginning of the course: October of each year (winter semester)

Application deadline: 15 July (15 August for EU applicants)

Tuition Fees: None

Prof. Dr. Klaus Rick, Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (TU)

"Studying industrial engineering? That was the right decision – demanding, versatile, and with an enormous degree of company integration. As a manager inside a global player in the telecommunications business I could use and enhance the knowledge I gained at university right from the start. Broad education, good career opportunities, competitive salaries – these are all indicators for the value gained by this applied course of studies. I would not hesitate to study it again!"

Sonja Felsmann (Bachelor of Science)

“I was very pleased to discover all the opportunities and advantages of a small campus: I was able to specialize in the topics of my field of interest in the context of seminars. In addition, I had the opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary projects with other fields, gaining knowledge and insight into important interfaces with other disciplines. I had the chance to work on my final thesis in Mexico with a prestigious automotive company, applying my theoretical and practical knowledge by working in the field. The international and intercultural experience helped me to further develop my soft skills and to perfect my Spanish. And I could also very well imagine starting my first job there.”

Marcel Teukam (Master of Science)

“What I really liked about studying industrial engineering was the combination of two disciplines, technology and business. This made for a lot of variety in my studies – I could contribute to many projects that needed knowledge from both disciplines. I now work in interdisciplinary projects and – with the expert knowledge gained during my studies – help to build bridges between business and technology.”


Prof. Dr.
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Dipl.-Betriebsw. (FH)
Julia Mertens
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