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Important Information!


Re-registration period for winter semester 2018/19  will be from 11 June until 13 July 2018.  This does not apply to first-semester applicants.

The semester contribution for re-enrollment for winter semester 2018/19 amounts to €207,48.


For the first-time registration, the semester contribution for winter semester 2018/19 amounts to €217,98.


You will find further information regarding re-registration at Idar-Oberstein Opens internal link in current windowhere.

Please pay the semester contribution to the following account:

Payee: LHK Mainz/ Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld 
Bank: Postbank Ludwigshafen
IBAN: DE45 5451 0067 0009 6236 71

Purpose ofuse: „Student Registration Number“, „Last name“, „First name“.

General Information

Students need to renew their registration at each subsequent semester within the re-enrollment period.

Please refer to the time table for the dates of the Opens internal link in current windowre-enrollment period

Students also need to renew their registration if they plan to change their course of study or request a leave of absence.

When the money for the semester contribution has been received the student has been re-enrolled and the confirmation of enrollment will be forwarded to the student by mail.


At „purpose“ please only and clearly write your first and last name and the registration number, otherwise you will not be re-enrolled.  It is your responsibility to proof that the money for your re-enrollment has been transferred.


Please note that money transfers, even when using online banking, can take up to 5 days.


The university will levy a surcharge of €21.00 on late re-enrollment.


For further information please contact your student office.

Additional Information

After the money has been received you are automatically re-enrolled into the next semester.  Re-enrollment is not possible if an examination has failed without option to re-sit (loss of right to sit an examination) or after the final exam has been passed.


Please contact your student’s office in good time regarding this matter.


Applications for leave of absence need to be handed in together with a written statement and the respective documents stating the reasons for the leave of absence.  Applications for change of the course of study are available at the examinations office.  Please ask your examinations office for information regarding a change of your chosen course of study.


Please note that applications for leave of absence must be filed during the re-enrollment period.  Applications for a change of study course can be filed at the examinations office until the end of the semester but will take effect at the start of the following semester.