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Mechanical Engineering: Product Development

This degree course equips students with an in-depth knowledge and the essential know-how required to analyse, structure and process a myriad of technical tasks in a goal-oriented, scientific manner. Furthermore, the course offers students a variety of opportunities to acquire profound knowledge of Product Development and Business and Technology Management, particularly with regard to the practical implementation of computer-based technologies.

Commencement: Summer and winter semester

Standard Duration: six semesters

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)

Accreditation: Until 30th September 2019

Admission Restrictions (N.C.): None

Tuition: None (only standard fees)

Postgraduate Courses:

This Bachelor's Degree provides graduates with an excellent foundation to obtain further qualifications through postgraduate studies. At the Environmental Campus graduates can apply to one of the following Master's Degree Programmes:


Prof. Dr. -Ing.
Thomas Preußler
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