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Business and Energy Law

The Master's degree course "Business and Energy Law" (Master of Laws) offers in-depth knowledge and competencies in legal areas, which are crucial for private and public economic issues. These apply not only within the Single transnational European Market, but also in a Europe that is becoming increasingly connected politically, legally and economically. Business studies and subject-specific foreign language courses complement this legal course of study.

Application Deadline for the summer semester: 15 th July, 2018

Commencement: Beginning of winter semester; enrollment in the summer semester is possible under the following conditions.

Standard Duration: 3 semesters

Degree: Master of Laws (LL.M.)

Accreditation: Until 30th September, 2019

Admission Restrictions (N.C.): Yes

Tuition: None (only standard fees)

Additional Information: Graduates of this program are qualified for positions in higher service and a doctoral programs in Germany and abroad.


Prof. Dr.
Frank A. Immenga
+49 6782 17-1246
9912 Raum: 118
Postfach 1380

, 55761 Birkenfeld