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Welcome to a unique place. Welcome to The Environmental Campus Birkenfeld.

Currently more than 2500 students and employees work together to create solutions for present and future challenges in twelve Bachelor's, four Joint Bachelor's and twelve Master's degree programmes as well as fourteen research institutes and competence centres.

Sustainability is a mega-trend! We produce entrepreneurial and technical solutions, which are ecologically friendly, economically attractive and socially ethical.

Future technologies rely on creative minds! We research and develop renewable energies, electric mobility, biotechnologies, innovative robots and much more. 

New Media is changing our world! We design and test multimedia and interactive applications with the aim of making them more energy and resource efficient. 

Interdisciplinarity is indispensable in order to create sustainable solutions. This is why our engineers, business economists, computer scientists and legal experts work together in interdisciplinary teams.

Globalisation has to be shaped! Young people from over sixty nations study at the Environmental Campus in order to develop strategies that help us with the effects of globalisation.