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Live, learn and work at a unique place. The Environmental-Campus Birkenfeld, a campus of Trier University of Applied Sciences, is one-of-a-kind. It offers students an interdisciplinary education at the only "Zero Emission University" in Europe. Innovative and ecological building standards are complemented by modern utility technology and sustainable water management systems. The electricity and heat demand of the campus is covered by renewable energy sources, provided by a neighbouring biomass-combined heat and power plant.

Guided by an environment-oriented framework, we offer more than 2500 students a future-oriented education in our two departments 'Environmental Planning and Technology' and 'Environmental Business Management and Law'. Sustainability and environmental consciousness provide the link between the eleven Bachelor's, eleven Master's degree and three dual Bachelor's degree programmes and promote an intensive and interdisciplinary cooperation between the disciplines. Connecting ecologic, economic, technical and social matters enables our students to analyse and optimise complex systems later on in their careers. This is not taught only in theory. Students have the opportunity to implement the acquired knowledge and skills into practice in regional partner companies and numerous research institutes at the Environmental-Campus. 

Thanks to our large number of international partner universities and foreign language courses, students can easily enhance their international and linguistic competences.

ISCN Award – Environmental Campus Birkenfeld receives the award for Campus Planning and Management Systems

The ISCN provides a global forum for universities pursuing sustainability across their educational and research missions, and operations. Founded in 2007, the ISCN features international awards, conferences, and working groups to promote best practice exchange. Every year the ISCN conference brings together thought leaders, practitioners and change agents for a unique opportunity to exchange perspectives and form global partnerships in pursuit of sustainability. One of the most anticipated events was the eighth annual ISCN Sustainable Campus Excellence Award Ceremony on June 29th, 2017 at the University of British Columbia. These awards recognize universities for exceptional sustainability efforts in campus planning, integration with academics, student leadership, and exemplary building projects. 

This year, the University of British Columbia and City of Vancouver co-hosted the ISCN 2017 Conference, Climate.City.Campus. and welcomed registrants from 31 countries and 78 higher education institutions.

The Environmental Campus Birkenfeld received the award for “Campus Planning and Management Systems” due to its zero emission concept.

The other awards, “Building and Innovative Infrastructure”, “Innovative Collaboration” and “Student Leadership”, went to the National University of Singapore (NUS), Swarthmore College in Philadelphia/USA and Chiba University in Japan.

GreenMetric Ranking – Environmental Campus ranks a sensational first place in the category “Energy and Climate Change”

For the seventh time the Universitas Indonesia conducted a worldwide sustainability ranking of universities. Universities that wish to participate were asked to provide numeric data on a number of criteria that can give a picture of their commitment to the greening of their campus and putting in place environmentally friendly policies that support sustainability. The criteria included such baseline information as the size of the university, both spatially and in terms of population, the campus location and the amount of green space; and also information on energy use, transport, water use and recycling and waste treatment. In addition, it asked about efforts being made by the institution towards establishing green policies and management. The ranking is divided in six different categories: Setting and Infrastructure, Energy and Climate Change, Waste, Water, Transportation and Education.

On the 29th of December 2016 the results were published ( 516 Universities from 74 different countries took part and the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld was able to rank an exceptional 21st place and became the second best university from Germany, only the Free University of Berlin was able to beat the Campus and ranked the 20th place.

But this wasn’t the only success for the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld. In the category “Energy and Climate Change”, our campus ranked a sensational first. This category, additionally, is the one that is most important in the ranking and it values aspects such as energy efficient appliances usage, renewable energy usage policy, total electricity use, energy conservation program, green building, climate change adaptation and mitigation program, greenhouse gas emission reductions policy.

Brochure “Experience Green Technology”

This brochure contains a brief overview of the technical facilities which make Birkenfeld Environmental Campus unique. It answers questions such as how the campus makes use of solar energy or how it meets its heating requirements.

Every technical installation is designed as a step towards implementing the green campus concept based on zero emissions. Both students and casual visitors should experience first-hand how sustainability works. The various measures in place range from simple motion sensors to a comprehensive daylight regulation system, or from direct use of rainwater to waterless urinals. Together, all the technology installed ensures that the campus can cover 100% of its basic energy needs from renewable sources. The communications centre built in 2012 according to passive-house standards deserves special mention, as it regulates its own heating and ventilation requirements automatically and thus serves as a showcase for sustainability in practice.