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Research and Development at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld

The Environmental Campus Birkenfeld is a campus of Trier University of Applied Sciences, one of the largest in Rhineland-Palatinate. We offer more than just degree courses. Our students have the opportunity to take part in cutting-edge research and development, especially in the areas of sustainable development and material flow cycles. We believe that it is essential to link theoretical knowledge with applied research. Students can do so in numerous supervised projects, which are being conducted in our laboratories, institutes and centres of excellence. Our research area measures approximately 4000 m².

Even though the Environmental Campus has been founded as recently as 1996, a great number of renowned research institutes and centres of excellence have already been established, in order to bundle scientific activities and convey results and expertise to a wider audience. Many of our institutes have become known for their achievements both nationally and internationally. For further information, please follow the links on the next pages.

Due to their positive reputations, our institutes have continuously succeeded in acquiring third party funding from research and industrial projects.

Our challenging and innovative projects are generally supported by a large pool of project staff.