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Environmentally Oriented Energy Technology

The Master's degree course "Environmental Energy Technology (Master of Science)" addresses fundamental questions in the field of traditional energy technology, and places particular emphasis on efficient energy production and use.

Developments and processes in the sectors of energy and environmental technology are examined critically in regards to their global contributions to environmental protection.

The course focuses in particular on modern energy-saving technology in the sectors renewable energy  and  energy-efficient ventilation technology.

Due to innovative building systems and engineering at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld, e.g. solar thermal collectors on the roof of the main university building, we can offer students plenty of opportunities for applied research and practical projects – education with a strong practical focus combined with a solid, in-depth theoretical foundation.

Emphases: Renewable Energy, Energy-Efficient Ventilation Enigineering

Commencement: Beginning of winter semester; enrolment in the summer semester is possible under the  following conditions.

Standard Duration: four semesters

Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Accreditation: Until 30th September, 2019 (conditional)  

Admission Restrictions (N.C.): None

Tuition: None (only standard fees)

Additional Information: Graduates of this program are qualified for positions in higher service and doctoral programs in Germany and abroad


Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Klaus Brinkmann
+49 6782 17-1847
9925 Raum: 009
Postfach 1380

, 55761 Birkenfeld