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Digital Library DigiBib (hbz - North Rhine-Westphalian Library Centre)

general: Media that are not available at the local libraries of the Trier UAS can be ordered via interlibrary loan. For instance, you can order:

a) specialist books from other libraries,
b) book chapters or copies of journal articles.

To place an order you need a transaction number (TAN). Please consider the terms of use of the lending library.
fees: • Order fees: € 1.50 per media (national German interlibrary loan)
• possible additional charge in case of copies
• TAN purchase: information desk or via online form
services: • meta search in national and international catalogues (incl. interlibrary loan)
• search in full text databases and bibliographies (incl. journal article databases)
• access to multimedia CD-ROMs, electronic textbooks and CD-ROM databases
• selected hyperlinks to the www
• www meta search engine
• personal account (watch lists, order overview etc.)
infos: further information
trainings on DigiBib
LITexpress (Library Centre of Rhineland-Palatinate)

general: LITexpress is a delivery service for books and other media of the libraries in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland.

In the order form, you can find the campus library in the row "Neubrücke, Hochschule Trier Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld" (section "Vermittlerbibliothek", options menu).

Step-for-step-guidance (German): here.
fees: Delivery fee: € 2.50 per media
services: • Delivery will normally take place within seven days by post to the campus library.
• The fee is to be paid when the media is picked up.
• The standard lending period is one month. A renewel is not possible.



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