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Professional Databases


BioOne Online Journals - 2009-2011 (Knowledge Exchange)
Blackwell Publishing Journal Backfiles 1879-2005
Brill Nijhoff E-Books Collections: Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, International Law 2006-2008
Business Source Premier
China Academic Journals Tip!
Chinamaxx / SSReaders
DATEV Students online / LEXinform Steuern, Recht, Wirtschaft
Declassified Documents Reference System
EBSCOhost eBook Collection
The Economist: Historical Archive 1843-2006
Eighteenth Century Collection Online
Elsevier eBook collection on ScienceDirect - Mathematics
Elsevier Journal Backfiles on ScienceDirect 1907-2002
Emerald Fulltext Archive Database -2014
EMS Journals Archiv 1999-2010
Entscheidungssammlungen der Entscheidungen des Reichsgerichts in Zivilsachen (RGZ) und der Entscheidungen des Reichsgerichts in Strafsachen (RGSt)
ERdigital - Energierecht
Haufe (Finance Office Professional & Steuer Office Kanzlei)
International Monetary Fund eLibrary
Making of Modern Law
The Nation Digital Archive
Nature Archives 1869 - 2009
Neues Handbuch Hochschullehre (NHHL)
OECD iLibrary Archive Infoclip!
PubMed (MEDLINE, PubMed Central)
RSC eBook Collection 1968-2009
RSWB PLUS, kindly supported by Nikolaus-Koch-Stiftung Trier
The Scientific World Journal
SpringerLink Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1973-2016
Springer Online Journal Archives 1860-2001
TEMA Technik und Management / WTI Frankfurt (formerly FIZ Technik)
Thieme Zeitschriftenarchive 1980-2007
Times Digital Archive 1785-1900 (currently access up to 1985)
Walter de Gruyter Archiv Online-Zeitschriften 1998-2007
Wiley Online Library (Backfile Collections 1832-2005)
Wiso Infoclip!
World Bank E-Library Archive
World Biographical Information System

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The campus-wide access to these databases was enabled by the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld.
The campus-wide access to these databases was enabled by the Trier University of Applied Sciences.
The Germany-wide access to these databases was enabled by the funding of the German Research Foundation (DGF) and organized by several libraries and institutions.

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Access to the linked licensed databases is exclusively permitted for members of the university and only for educational and scientific purposes.

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