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Business Administration and Engineering

The main areas of study this Master's degree course addresses are: business economics and engineering. The emphasis on Business Management in Utility and Waste Management Industries enables graduates to assume management positions in communal and regional utility and waste management industries and to handle political, legal, ecological, technical and economic tasks. The emphasis on Sustainable Logistics Management enables graduates to analyze intra- and inter-company logistic processes, recognize shortcomings and optimization potential as well as design process-oriented holistic and sustainable logistic-chains.

Commencement: Winter semester; enrollment in the summer semester is possible under the following conditions.

Standard Duration: four semester

Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Accreditation: Until 30th September, 2019

Admission Restrictions (N.C.): None

Tuition: None (only standard fees)

Additional Information: Graduates of this program are qualified for positions in higher service and doctoral programs in Germany and abroad.  




Prof. Dr. Jochen Struwe
Corporate Managementg,
Accounting and Controlling

+49 6782 17-1105

Gebäude: 9916 Raum: 148