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Opens external link in new windowPublic Grants (BAföG)
The public grants office offers advice on the public grants scheme in general as well as on conditions for a change of your field of study as well as termination of study or secondary studies. It also advises on updating applications for the income of married students or of the parents of the student, on graduation sponsorships and first applications of foreign students. 

Opens external link in new windowFamily Service
Die The Family Information Points (FIP’s) comprises a diverse offer of information and practical advice. Core of the service is the family advice. Apart from financial support options information on child care options and legal rights and duties of student parents and working parents are also available.

Student Job Opportunities at the University
Research Assistants positions (German short form: Hiwi) are job opportunities for students. In their role research assistants support professors in their teaching duties as well as in their research. The delegated tasks are also meant to deepen your own scientific education. The positions for research assistants are offered by lecturers.

Opens external link in new windowLeonardo-Contact
Leonardo-Contact is responsible for the application for EU-projects, their realisation and their evaluation within the ERASMUS program. This includes a comprehensive support of students and graduates who are interested in doing an internship abroad. Leonardo-Contact helps to find placements for internships by offering contacts to businesses that have already had Erasmus interns as well as information on financing of placements abroad, support in accommodation seeking through passing on information of experiences of former students and general information on staying abroad. During the placements the Leonardo-Contact is point of contact for all organisational questions which includes negotiations with companies and corporations should any problems arise.

Opens external link in new windowScholarships
When thinking about the funding of your studies it's always worth to look into the scholorships. Here you will find general information and scholarships of the university itself.

Opens external link in new windowStudent Social Services
The student social services Trier supports students in finding accommodation, running the cafeterias of the universities and offers social services. In financial emergencies the student social services offer support through loans and social sponsorship. Additionally there are different offers for students with children, like start-up-sets and the “diaper scholarship”. The student social services also offers advice on social, psychological and legal matters, lets apartments and cars as well as moving vans.