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Career Options

Today Applied Computer Science is quickly becoming a sector that is indispensible in industries, commerce, trade, management and administration.

After only six semesters students are equipped with the necessary IT skills and professional qualifications for a direct career entry. Given the Environmental Campus' focus on interdisciplinarity, students learn how to connect theory, research and practice early on in the programme. The acquired know-how and methodology can thus be applied in projects throughout the course of study.  

Graduates are qualified for a career in all areas of data processing. Especially the areas of advanced development, design and in-house development of application software are suitable career fields. Entrepreneurial projects and self-employment are becoming increasingly popular for those who want to implement creative ideas independently. The interdisciplinary focus (e.g. on environmental issues) provides further possibilities for professional specialisation. 

According to research carried out by Roland Berger consultants, the renewable energy sector will continue to grow with 150,000 new job positions being created by 2020, according to a study by the Federal Environment Ministry (Source: Die Arbeitsplätze der Zukunft, in: Süddeutsche Zeitung, 18.3.2009, S. 26)