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Career Options

The term "biotechnology, environmental and process engineering" already defines possible career paths. In the context of sustainable process management a wide range of professional activities is being generated. Potential employers are traditional and innovative start-up companies in the chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and material processing sectors as well as companies involved in technological environmental protection.

An important skill is adapting to new processes quickly and thus being able to develop optimisation alternatives. Rational and environmentally-friendly treatment of natural resources is always a guiding factor in these processes. Especially gradually shortened production cycles require the continuous development of products and production processes. This creates career fields for applied scientists in industries, as well as universities and instiutes. Potential employers include, for example, biotechnology companies ("Life Science"), companies that produce consumer goods, environmental consultancies, recycling firms, international mechanical and plant engineers, engineering agencies, research and development enterprises and management consultancies.

In the public service sector and service industry, graduates could take up positions in project planning, consulting, and development etc. The professional profile is characterised by the following activities: product and process development, plant and apparatus engineering, customer service, technology marketing, process analysis and optimisation, patent systems (IP) and quality management.