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Course Content

This degree programme is based on a holistic and interdisciplinary approach and aims to provide graduates with qualifications for global careers. Students gain essential knowledge in the natural sciences and engineering, which enable them to resolve technical problems in a broad range of operational areas. Students learn to apply scientific methodologies in order to analyse and restructure given tasks. 

Once students have acquired the fundamental expertise, they are able to focus on product development and utilities and technology management. This involves a practical approach to computer-based technologies.

Collaboration with institutions and companies ensure that students can put the acquired theory into practice and get to know people from the industry. During an internship, seminars and interdisciplinary projects, small groups of students work together on projects and laboratory exercises. This prepares them for the challenges and tasks they will deal with in the process engineering industry. Moreover, they enjoy the benefits of teamwork and collective thinking.  As social skills are becoming increasingly important, the programme also offers language and communication studies.