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Career Options

The degree 'Bachelor of Engineering' in product development and technology management meets a great demand in the industry. Graduates from the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld can be employed in various fields of expertise and are continuously seeking to deepen their professional skills and knowledge.

Examples of career paths include:

Planning and development,  industrial enterprises, civil service and agencies, insurances, environmental organisations, and research institutes.  

The following occupations are particularly suitable:

Solving interdisciplinary problems in the areas of development, production and automation; application-oriented research and development, restructuring of production and waste disposal operating procedures in view of requirements of recycling management, certification and auditing of companies based on European Environmental and Quality Standards and design and analysis of technical processes.

Furthermore, the degree qualifies graduates to continue higher education in technology-oriented academic courses (e.g. Master of Engineering in 'Digital Product Development - Mechanical Engineering' at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld).