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Course Content

Media computer science can be defined as "creative" computer science. It combines the design component of digital media with their implementation through applied computer science. The objective of the degree programme is to provide students with the know-how and expertise that enables them to pursue a broad spectrum of careers in today's "information age". A key attribute of media computer scientists is the ability to understand and implement aspects of both - media and applied - computer sciences. Modules include fundamentals of computer science, programming languages, and software engineering. Modules in media-communication focus on different types of media and require students to apply their knowledge of multimedia design to various projects and practical sessions. Foreign languages, economics and communications, as well as teamwork are essential aspects of the programme. Students will acquire the theoretical as well as the practical and social skils that are necessary for leadership positions.

The interdisciplinary approach of the programme prepares students to work in a flexible and innovative manner and to comprehend new ways of looking at problems. This is particularly important within the discipline of media computer science, since expertise is changing rapidly. This is why we teach students at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld the importance of life-long learning.

This bachelor's programme qualifies graduates for direct career entry within six semesters. In order to achieve this, the course focuses on practical training and equipping students with fundamental skills in the areas of computer science and media-communication. At the same time, the curriculum includes theory-based modules, which emphasise scientific thinking. These modules enable students to create independent, innovative solutions in complex environments.