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Career Options

Graduates in Media Computer Science can choose from a broad spectrum of career paths. These range from the informatics (e.g. programmer) to modern multi-media jobs (e.g. screen designer). Many graduates work at the intersection between information and communication technologies, and new media. They conceptualise, programme and design multimedia-programmes. They develop applications, ranging from internet presence to digital film productions and electronic trade. They calculate and implement software and independent media-productions computer for industry, public and private sectors.

Graduates with the degree "Bachelor of Science" in Media Computer Science are in high demand. Digital convergence of the media is in full swing and the significance of information and communication technologies is growing continuously. Mobile phones and the World Wide Web are just two examples of the increasing presence of the media in our everyday lives. More and more media companies require sound computer science know-how, even traditional companies are in demand of employees with IT and media knowledge.

"Job prospects for media computer scientists are promising, since their professional profile is highly compatible with the present and future requisites of a service - and information society. Given their broad, yet sound, training and education - particularly in regards to media - they are capable of adapting to the completely new job requirements of our information society."(Source: Staufenbiel, Job-Start, p.48)