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Course Content

Students of this degree programme acquire essential knowledge and skills in the applied sciences and technology, which facilitate a direct career entry into numerous areas of the physio-technical sector.

Specialisation in a particular area of physics is possible and welcome. There are several foci students can choose: Material Sciences (functional sciences), power engineering (fuel cell technology) as well as measurement and control technology and modern electronics. Collaborations with institutes (e.g. INM) and companies provide professional insights and vocational training. Research and development competencies are of vital importance for all students who wish to become a  "Bachelor of Engineering". This is why students get the chance to put theory into practice through supervised project work and during the bachelor thesis. Students will get to know all essential scientific methodologies in our modules.  

In addition to their academic qualification, graduates will be equipped with competences, such as the ability to work in a team and interdisciplinary thinking. These are important elements of group projects, seminars and laboratory work. Tutorials, language courses and presentation workshops provide vital social and communication skills, which have become indispensable in today's job market.