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Our Team

Study Coordination

Julia Mertens

Julia is the Study Coordinator of the Study Semester. She studied Environmental Business Administration at the Environment Campus and was an assistant in the Faculty Environmental Business/Environmental Law for 6 years. She now focuses on establishing further international programs in Birkenfeld. She will be happy to help you with application procedures, visa matters, house hunting or any other questions concerning formalities and content. Whenever you feel like wanting to know more about the Study Semester, please do not hesitate to contact her.

Faculty Members

Silvia Carvalho

Born in Africa, and brought up in New York, Sílvia graduated with honors from the O.L.P.H. Business School in New York and proceeded with her university literary studies at the Universidade Clássica of Lisbon. Later, she acquired a doctorate degree in American Literary Studies at the University of Saarland, Germany, where she offered several seminars on American literature, visual arts and culture. She is presently a lecturer of English for Special Purposes at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld. Due to her multi-cultural background and a life-long experience within various cultures, Sílvia’s main academic interests focus on intercultural exchanges and on researching towards an enlightened understanding of business across borders.

Peter Fischer-Stabel

Peter holds a professorship for Geomatics Technology at our university. He studied Geography, Computer Science and Hydrology. After working in the German Environmental Specimen Banking Program (Federal Environmental Protection Agency), he joined the European Space Agency in Rome, addressing issues of geo-spatial data integration. He chairs the Institute for Software Systems (ISS). Ongoing research activities focus on environmental management & information systems and ecological effects of the implementation of renewable energies. He is also a Ranger in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Bliesgau.

Susanne Hartard

Susanne is Professor of Industrial Ecology. She studied Agrobusiness and Ecological Environmental Safety Management at the University of Kassel. Her 20-year professional career includes environmental advisory activities in sustainable waste management and recycling projects and work on national material flow management concepts. She worked as a researcher at the Universities of Kassel, Weimar and Darmstadt. In the Study Semester she is teaching Life Cycle Assessment, a well-established method for the environmental assessment of products and processes.

Klaus Helling

Klaus, born 1964, is dean of the Faculty Environmental Business/Environmental Law. Since 1998 Klaus Helling is Professor for Environmental Management and Business Administration. In 2001 he was one of the founders of the Institute of Material Flow Management (IfaS). For more than 15 years he is working at the cutting edge of economical and ecological development of private and public institutions. Together with a German chamber of trade he developed an information network for environmental consultants. After that he joined an international consulting company located in Saarbrücken as leader of the department for environmental and quality management.

Christina Juen

Christina studied British and American Linguistics and Literature, Educational Science, Spanish and German Linguistics and Literature at Saarland University and at the University of Valencia, Spain. Before she started to work as a lecturer for English at the Environmental Campus, she lived in Munich and taught German as a Foreign Language. In the Study Semester she helps students improve their German. Her course is not only designed to teach language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking German), but also aims at providing participants with an understanding of German customs and culture. Her personal research interests are computer-mediated communication and intercultural communication.

Christian Kammlott

Christian is Professor for Finance at the Environment Campus. He studied Business Administration at Mannheim and Witten-Herdecke Unversities. His professional career included 10 years as a consultant and investment banker and as an independent entrepreneur. Aspects of financing new businesses and technologies are his predominant research interests; it seems more than appropriate that Christian covers Fundamentals of Entrepreneurial Management.

Dirk Loehr

Dirk is Professor of Taxation and Ecological Economics at the Campus and Associate Professor at Ruhr-University in Bochum, Germany. He also works part-time as a tax advisor. He is a member of the real estate assessment board of the district of Birkenfeld and lectures at a private academy for real estate assessors. His professional career included 7 years as financial manager in an international hotel chain and the Deutsche Bahn Group. He has published widely on taxation, land use issues and environmental economics.

Henrik te Heesen

Henrik is Professor of Renewable Energies. He studied Physics in Aachen and Bochum. After working as an executive assistant to the CEO he was head of the O&M department of a midsize company in the photovoltaic sector. Henrik joined the Campus in 2013 and is responsible for the degree program “Renewable Energies”. Thus, it is clear, that Henrik will work with you on contemporary issues of the solar energy business.

Thorsten Schaper

Since 2000 Thorsten has been Professor for Marketing at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld. He graduated in business management and did his Ph.D. in marketing. His professional career included seven years as project manager in the BASF in-house marketing consultancy and head of marketing controlling in an operating division. Thus, his research interest focuses on industrial customer management and strategic marketing management. Thorsten is Graduate Coordinator for Environmental and Business Economics and has been Visiting Professor at various international universities in the United States, Ireland and Ghana.

Martina Witt-Jauch

Martina is Lecturer in English in the Department of Languages at the Environmental Campus. She studied English and American Culture, Modern Social History, and German Studies at Mannheim University, then earned her doctorate degree in Comparative Literature from Purdue University, Indiana, USA. Apart from teaching in these fields in the United States, Lower Saxony, and Trier University of Applied Sciences for 8 years, she is also completing her professorial qualification at Goettingen University. She will explore German Business, History and Culture in her Study Semester course. Her personal research interests include the Anglo-American legal system, intercultural communication, and literary representations of political monstrosities.