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Course Content

One of the aims of this degree course is to equip students with the fundamental knowledge and skills for a career in business management and economics.  Students acquire the know-how to understand and solve problems from a broad range of areas related to economics and business management, e.g. industrial, private and public service area, while being guided by principles of sustainability.

On the one hand, in-depth teaching in accounting, marketing, sustainable business and political economics provides students with scientific and methodological background knowledge. Current developments in companies, institutions, markets and professional profiles are analysed and discussed and serve as case studies in the modules.  

On the other hand, students will gain practical experience. Students have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in companies, organisations or administrative bodies (over a longer period if desired) during seminars, internships, and dissertations.   

Moreover, graduates will acquire social competences, media- and language skills. These 'soft skills' are an essential component of tutorials, communication and presentation courses, group projects as well as foreign language classes in which students propose their own course structure.