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Course Content

The interdisciplinary bachelor course Environmental and Business Computer Science conveys fundamental scientific and practical skills from the three core areas. A further aim of the course is to develop and reinforce the faculty of abstraction as well as scientific thinking, through which the foundations for future master studies are laid. It also aims to develop the ability to find independent and innovative solutions in a complex environment. In addition, the students should deepen their competencies in communications, mathematics and the ability to work in a team, the latter of which is provided through a variety of projects.

The core area of computer science includes typical subjects like programming, data base systems and software engineering, also courses in technical and theoretical computer science. According to the schedule, the courses in environmental sciences are Ecosystems and Renewable Energies and Environmental Informations Systems, in business studies, the students learn the basics of economics and business information systems. 

If you have got any questions, do not hesitate to contact the course representative. If there are any questions in particular, please contact Prof. Dr. Stefan Naumann concerning environmental computer science or Prof. Dr. Rolf Krieger concerning business computer science.