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Career Options

Graduates in Industrial Engineering/Environmental Planning ("Bachelor of Science") are in high demand in the current professional labour market. Amongst other factors this is due to the growing importance of interdisciplinary thinking and the ability to adapt to new developments quickly. Graduates from the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld can be employed in various fields of expertise and are continuously seeking to advance their professional skills and knowledge.

Career paths include, for example:

Planning and development,  industrial enterprises, civil service and agencies, insurances, environmental organisations and research institutes.  

Later on in the career, the following occupations are particularly suitable:

  • Restructuring of company work flows in the production and waste management units based on the requirements of the recycling economy,
  • Developing logistics processes and technical evaluations, e.g. in the areas of renewable energies or contracting
  • Certification and auditing of companies based on European Environmental and Quality Standards
  • Authorising technical-environmental facilities
  • Designing a corporate environmental protection strategy
  • Solving interdisciplinary problems in the areas of production, logistics, energy technologies and waste management.