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Course Content

This degree programme combines in-depth law studies with the fundamentals of economics and business studies.  It offers an attractive alternative to the 'traditional' university law degree.

Emphases are private business law and environmental law.

Private Business Law covers all laws, which regulate the legal relations between all members of the economy. These include civil law, commercial and corporate law, competition and antitrust law as well as European law. The degree programme is supplemented by additional qualifications, such as business economics studies, and areas indispensable for experts in business law. Given the global interconnectedness of today's economy, foreign language training is part of the curriculum. Moreover, key qualifications such as communication and presentation skills and the ability to work in a team will be part of the course. These and other elements distinguish the course from other university law degrees. 

Environmental Law includes all regulations, which serve the protection and conservation of the environment and the efficiency of the ecosystem. These are,  for example, emission, sanitation, soil protection and conservation laws. Given the continuously growing significance of renewable energies for climate protection and a sustainable energy supply, environmental energy law and commercial energy law are also part of the curriculum. These additional foci are a unique feature of the course and provide a solid stepping stone for careers in a growing and future-oriented market.