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Course of Study

The standard duration for this Bachelor's degree is 3 1/2 years (7 semesters). This guarantees that students cover all subject areas, gain practical experience and acquire professional skills. Students should acquire 30 ECTS-points per semester, or a total of 210 ECTS-points during the entire degree course.

During the first 4 semesters students will learn about fundamental areas in law, business and economics. These courses will be supplemented by foreign languages and other key competences.

In the fifth semester, students can choose between a semester abroad or a practical (on-the-job) semester. Based on the previously acquired knowledge, students can gain professional insights and practical experience during a 16-week 'on-the-job' period. Completing tasks and solving problems under the supervision of professional business lawyers will enable students to place their theoretical knowledge into a wider framework of professional know-how. Students who decide to study abroad for one semester, will spend the fifth semester at one of our partner universities. We support students in many ways, e.g. language courses and scholarships or financial aid.  

In the sixth and seventh semester, students choose one of two specialisations: commercial law  or environment/energy law. These courses will built on the knowledge acquired in the first 4 semesters, and allow students to focus on topics of particular interest. Both specialisations qualify for the Master's degree programme "European Economic Law".

At the end of the seventh semester students complete their dissertation (Bachelor thesis). This involves independent research and analysis of a complex and possibly interdisciplinary topic in environmental economics and business management. The dissertation is generally completed within a nine week period.