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Applicants who are in possession of a degree received at an institution of higher education outside of Germany must submit their application for review of university entrance qualification to the service facility uni-assist in Berlin.  Applying directly to the Hochschule Trier via the online portal is not possible.

Application deadlines

For information regarding the current application deadline please Opens internal link in current windowclick here.

Admission Requirements

Applicants to a Bachelor’s degree program must have the higher education entrance qualification.

Studies will commence either in the summer or in the fall semester

Applicants to a Master’s degree program must have successfully completed a higher education degree program (e.g. Bachelor or Diploma). Further entrance requirements can be obtained at the respective examination regulations.  The commencement of studies is also possible in the summer.

International students will find links to the entrance requirements Opens external link in new windowhere.

Application to a second degree program

Applicants can enroll in a second degree program after they have successfully completed their first university degree and have presented a notarized copy of the degree certificate.  In addition to the general application documents, a motivational letter stating the reason for applying for a second degree program must be submitted when applying for a degree program with restricted admission.

Fast-track enry

Students applying for a fast-track entry into a higher full-study semester must also fulfil the same admission requirements as the first-semester students.  The respective department will make the decision regarding the semester based on the credits earned at the applicants’ former institution of higher education.

For further questions please contact:

Hochschule Trier

Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld

Registrar’s Office

Postfach 13 80

Post Office Box 13 80

55761 Birkenfeld


+49 6782 17-1826


Applications for a degree course at the Environment Campus Birkenfeld must be submitted via our Online Portal.


Legally certified copies


Documents will be accepted only if they were submitted in the form of a  legally certified copy by the application deadline.  Please do not forward original documents.


In Germany, legally certified copies can be obtained from the following institutions:



Community representative

Local government /municipal administration

City council (town hall), local government

The courts

Public notaries


The following organisations are not authorized to issue official certifications:




Health insurance companies

Banks, savings banks

The student council, etc.        


Schools, state educational institutions or universities can only issue certificates awarded at their institutions

Abroad, the following institutions are authorized to legally certify copies of documents:

Coonsulates oft he Federal Republic of Germany

Institutions authorized by the respective government to legally certify copies of documents