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Name: Library of the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld, Trier University of Applied Sciences
(Bibliothek des Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld, Hochschule Trier)
General: The library of the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld belongs to the three local libraries of the Trier University of Applied Sciences. It serves mainly the students and teachers of the college, but it is also open to all interested citizens of the region.

The stock of the library is oriented to the study subjects of the Environmental Campus and covers numerous topics - e.g. biology, business and administration, chemistry, energy, supply engineering, computer sciences, engine building, mathematics, media, physics, psychology, law or green technology.

Furthermore it contains the multimedia centre - a growing number of novels, journals, DVDs and audio books - and the media special collections "National Park" and "Sustainability".
Tasks: • acquistion and provision of study relevant specialist literatur (incl. interlibrary loaning)
• assistence to customers on research matters
• provison of a working and learning environment
• mediation of information literacy
Stock: • ca. 55.000 printed and audiovisual media items
• ca. 33.000 e-books
Access: • multidisciplinary specialis databases (i. a. SpringerLink, wiso)
• subject-specific databases (i. a. beck-online, IEEE, juris, TEMA)
Service: • copy room (copy, print, scan)
• eBib (OPAC)
• e-book reader / iPads (lending)
• guided tours and trainings
• information and assistence
• interlibrary loaning
• media special collections "National Park" and "Sustainability"
• multimedia centre
• pay machine
• online user account
• reading area
• research terminals
• return station
• self check terminals
• study carrels
• terminal workstations (internet access)
• wireless-LAN for your notebook
Link: website of the library locations Trier and Idar-Oberstein

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