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Industrial Engineering/Environmental Planning

Standard Duration: 6 semesters

Degree: Bachelor of Sciecne (B.Sc.)

Postgraduate Courses:

This Bachelor's Degree provides graduates with an excellent foundation to obtain further qualifications through postgraduate studies. At the Environmental Campus graduates can apply to one of the following Master's Degree Programmes:

Degree Structure

The Bachelor's Programme is based on a modular structure. During the first three semesters students will take mandatory core modules (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, etc.). During the course of the programme, students choose a more specific module combination depending on individual interests and skills. Furthermore, these modules can be supplemented with elective modules.

Interdisciplinary projects enhance team spirit and holistic approaches. Additionally, language and communication studies enable students to gain increasingly important social skills.

Exchange semesters are encouraged. Students who decide to study at a university abroad, generally do so during the fifth semester. The prerequisite for this is an equivalent curriculum at the partner university.

The sixth semester is reserved for a practical project and a Bachelor's thesis. The period of practical lasts twelve weeks. The aim of the final dissertation is to demonstrate that the student is capable of working independently through a subject-related topic by applying scientific methods within a nine-week time frame.


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Kerstin Gieringb
Mathematik, Physik, Technische Akustik/Schallschutz

 +49 6782 17-1107

 Gebäude: 9917 Raum: 012