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Applied Computer Science

Standard Duration: 4 semesters (until summer semester 2012), 3 semesters (from winter semester 2012/13 on)

Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Additional Information: Graduates of this program are qualified for positions in higher service and doctoral programs in Germany and abroad.

Degree Structure

This Master's programme is based on a modular structure. The first two semesters are dedicated to in-depth studies of applied computer science and information systems. The module 'Methods and Processing', as well as the module 'Environmental Computer Science' complete the curriculum. More specialised, in-depth academic development will be fostered through elective modules.

Additionally, project work will be conducted in the second and third semesters, during which acquired skills and knowledge will be applied to resolve practical assignments.

The fourth semester is reserved for the Master's thesis. With this final dissertation students demonstrate their ability to independently resolve a subject-related problem by applying scientific research methods within a given time frame. Students generally complete their thesis within six months.


Prof. Dr. Stefan Naumann

Principles of Informatics and Mathematics, Environmental and Sustainability Informatics

+49 6782 17-1217

Building: 9925 Room: 133