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AStA (Student Committee)


The General Students’ Committee (AStA) of the Environmental Campus

Birkenfeld is the executive organ and in charge of the representation of the


Date of the meetings:

Generally the AStA has a meeting each Wednesday at 5 pm in room 14-102

(please have a look at the AStA-information board for room changes).


The topics of the current agenda can be examined on the AStA-information

board in front of the AStA office. All the meetings are open to the public

and can be visited by everyone who is interested. You can use those meetings

to propose a motion, this requires a special form and has to be announced


Web 2.0

From now on the AStA is also reachable via Twitter and Facebook.


Facebook: AStA Umwelt-Campus


Twitter: AStA_UCB


+49 6782 17-1392

+49 6782 17-1285

 Building: 9914 Room: 102

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday:
12.30 pm - 02.00 pm