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Student Activities at the Environmental Campus

In a comparatively small student community - such as our community at the Environmental Campus - it is essential that student matters are addressed and, more importantly, dealt with. Members of our Student Committees are here to find solutions to study-related problems as well as non-study related issues, such as recreational activities around Campus.

Dedicated work in one of our Student Committees or as a Student Representative has helped active members to understand the university apparatus and to improve social and communicative skills, which are becoming increasingly significant in the professional world.  

In between lectures, student initiatives work together to enhance the fun factor and quality of life on Campus.

The Environmental Campus is a young university. Since "Day One", in 1996, community life and student commitment have always been essential elements. Students have been the driving force behind many activities, events and organisations - whether these were initiated in panels, committees or societies. Through their dedication, they created a community spirit that makes life on Campus and in a rural area more fun and adventurous.

Studying at the Environmental-Campus means living, learning and working in one place. Joint activities in all areas of daily life prevent anonymity. This is what we mean when we say the Environmental Campus is "...more than a university".