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Leisure Activites

In the midst of the delightful middle highland landscape of the Nahe Hunsrück region, the Birkenfelder Land offers visitors various possibilities for adventures and relaxation.

Interested in culture? Around the Birkenfelder Land area culture interested visiters find various historical attractions: they discover traces of the Celts, Romans and the Wittelsbacher, explore the Roman grave hill in Hoppstädten-Weiersbach and Siesbach or the ruins of the ancient Wittelsbacher residence, the famous Birkenfeld castle and appreciate a 2500 year old handicraft and culture history at the Birkenfeld museum.

Take your time in order to discover the nature’s treasures: by walking in the wooden height, by biking through the wild romantic Nahe valley or by cross-country-mountain biking on lonesome trails.

Would you like to recover from daily life? At the Birkenfelder Land with its mild climate and lovely idyllic landscape you have located the right place. Recuperate at the Hunsrück holiday park Hambachtal with its sauna paradise called “Die Insel” (the island) and an indoor subtropical swimming-pool named “Die Pyramide” (the pyramid) where recreation and fun is guaranteed.

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