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Leave of Absence


Students who for important reasons are unable to attend the courses necessary to achieve the study objective in a semester, may be on leave of absence at the request. A leave of absence should not be extended over two consecutive semesters. A leave of absence is valid only for one semester, starting at the beginning of the semester.  The request must be submitted by the end of the registration period.  The reason for requesting a leave of absence together with appropriate evidence, i.e. medical certificates, must be included in the request.  It is not possible to grant leave of absence before the start of the study period and during the first semester.  It is also not possible to back-date a leave of absence.  Exceptions are granted only if   sudden and unexpected events occur within 4 weeks after the start of the semester which make a leave of absence necessary.  Leave of absence does not count as a semester.  During a leave of absence no coursework and examinations can be performed.

Please note that the student fee must be paid within the re-enrollment deadline even if aapplication leave of absence has been requested.

The following will be accepted as reasons for leave of absence:

A prolonged illness of the student, which will prevent proper studies during the relevant semester,

Caring for a sick or needy relative as well as life partner , which will make it impossible to follow a proper course of study during the semester in question.

Internships, provided they are not deemed mandatory by the examination regulations,

a study abroad or practical work abroad in connection with study career perspectives,

times of pregnancy or parental leave,


working to finance the studies,

activities in accordance with the Federal Voluntary Service Act (BFDG),

other specific social hardships.

A leave of absence cannot be granted to prepare for a final exam.

You will find the application for leave under forms and applications on the Opens internal link in current windowfollowing  page.