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Change of degree course

Before changing a degree course, please consult your examinations office regarding options and possible consequences.

If you receive BAFÖG (student loan), we strongly advise you to consult your BAFÖG office before you change your course of study.  BAFÖG law will approve a change of study course only on certain conditions and in compliance with certain time limits. Non-compliance will result in the loss of BafÖG entitlement.

The application for a change of study course, together with a current grade report of the current semester, can be filed at the examination office until the end of the semester but will come into effect at the start of the next semester.

Requirement for a change of study course are sufficient educational achievements in the current study course.  The authorized professor of the degree course will decide on placement into a higher semester.

Please note that the semester contribution also has to be payed when changing a degree course within the re-enrollment period.

A change of degree course is not possible when the right to take exams has been lost.  In this case, please consult with the examinations office regarding your possibilities and then with the student services regarding a new application.



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