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Studierendenausweis / Student ID

The student ID is a multi-functional chip card which also serves as semester ticket and library ID.

The chip card will be issued once and must be picked up personally at the student service.

Issuance of the chip cards and the university identification information

The chip card and the university identification information will be issued during regular opening hours at Infopoint room 24/025.

The chip card will be issued to first year students at the earliest at the beginning of the semester.

Important information

Along with the student ID you will receive a protective cover.  The student ID should be carried in this protective cover at all times.

Mishandling may result in damage to the card.

The student ID must be validated before use. 

It is not possible to use the student ID without a valid imprint of the current semester.

Without a valid imprint the student ID will not serve as a valid train ticket.  Taking the train while using an invalid ticket will be punished by a fine.

The student ID must be validated after the re-registration (payment of the semester fee and receipt of the certificate of enrollment) at the beginning of each semester.

Loss of the student ID

When losing the student ID, you may apply for a new student ID (chip card) at the student service.  The fee for replacing a lost student ID will be €20.00

Please pay the contribution to the following account:

Payee: LHK Mainz/ Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld 
Bank: Postbank Ludwigshafen
IBAN: DE45 5451 0067 0009 6236 71

Purpose ofuse: „Student Registration Number“, „Last name“, „First name“.

Semester ticket

The chip card serves as the semester ticket in second class compartments at the sector covered by RNN and all other trains of KBS 680 between Saarbrücken main station and Neubrücke/Nahe in the trains covering short distance rail traffic (RE, RB)

For further information please contact ASTA at +49 6782 17-1390 or 17-1392

Please note:

The student ID will only serve as train ticket in connection with a valid photo identification card.

International student ID

You will be able to apply for an international student ID at the Studierendenwerk Trier am Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld.


 +49 6782 17-1826

Consulting Service

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Consulting Service by phone

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Delivery Address

Trier University of Applied Sciences 
Environmental Campus Birkenfeld
Post Office Box 13 80
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Contact Address

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