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Application Deadlines for Exams

Students are obliged to register for the exams on QIS by themselves! Excluded from this are bachelor and master thesis, practical background as well as practical semester/ semester abroad, where a special application at the examination office is needed.

Please check your status of application regularly and punctual on QIS before the expiry of the application deadlines. If there are any irregularities please contact your advisor at the examination office immediately.


Please be aware that you are obliged to resit, see  §§ 17 Abs. 4 der Bachelor- bzw. 19 Abs. 4    of the master exam regulations as well as  §§ 6 Abs. 4 bzw. 15 Abs. 3 of the bachelor exam regulations. You also need to register for this on QIS.


Applications out of the deadlines are not possible!


There won’t be any service applications! If there are any students that are obliged to take part in an exam by the exam regulations and which do not participate without having compelling reasons to stay away and without showing any proof of these reasons in time, will not be passing the exam.


Withdrawing is only possible within the deadlines mentioned below. If you are obliged to take part in an exam  Opens internal link in current window(§§ 17 Abs. 4 der Bachelor- bzw. 19 Abs. 4 der Master-Prüfungsordnung andOpens internal link in current window§§ 6 Abs. 4 bzw. 15 Abs. 3 der Bachelor-Prüfungsordnung), a withdrawal is only possible because of a disease or another compelling reason. Proof of this needs to be submitted to the examination office immediately (within three days after the exam). After three sick notes for exams you have to submit a medical certificate of a public health officer for every following sickness.


The medical certificate of a public health officer has to state the concrete afflictions and restrictions of capability, because otherwise no decision can be made concerning the inability to write the exam.

Further informations can be found in “Informations about Non-Attendance in Exams“ as well as in “Withdrawal from Exams”.


If there are any problems with application please contact the examination office  (Opens window for sending or Opens window for sending as soon as possible (within the deadlines).



Application Time (Limitation Period) of the Respective Departments


Department Environmental Planning/Environmental Technology and Department Environmental Business and Economics /Environmental Law

Three working days (Monday to Friday) before the exam. Example: Exam day is Monday; application deadline will be the preceding Wednesday 12 pm/ midnight.

Application deadlines are the same in both departments.

Dates of the exams can be checked at the current plan of exams (notice at building 9915, ground-floor)


Login: QIS-Portal

Students can request transcripts for bachelor's degree programmes, and register/ de-register for exams, through the QIS-Portal.