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Laboratory Geomatic

Geoinformatics (Geomatics) is the theory of the being and the function of graphical information and the supply in the form of geographical data. It forms the scientific basis for geographical information systems (GIS). Common to all applications of geoinformatics is the spatial reference.

Similar to the environmental informatics or the business informatics, geoinformatics is an interdisciplinary science. In addition to informatics and geosciences, it includes also cartography, land surveying, remote sensing and navigation technology. The central task of the geomatics laboratory at the Environmental Campus is to provide students with a well-grounded insight into the relevant fields of technology. It includes also to familiarize them common software tools and the associated development environments. Commercial products as well as open source tools are used here. In addition to software engineering, the candidates should also acquire knowledge in modeling and processing of common spatial data of the public government (e.g. land surveying agencys, spatial cadastres).



 Building: 9925 Room: 152

Laboratory Supervisor

Prof. Dr. Peter Fischer-Stabel

+49 6782 17-1768

 Building: 9925 Room: 149