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In 1993, the state of Rhineland-Palatinate made the future-proof decision to establish the Environmental-Campus in Birkenfeld/Neubrücke as a new campus of Trier University of Applied Sciences.  Up until 1992, the estate and facilities had been used as a reserve military hospital for the US army in Germany. The residential campus concept follows the modell of US universities, which combine living, learning and working in one place. 

In 1994, the renovations began and modern seminar rooms, lecture halls and laboratories were built. The University began teaching in the winter semester of 1996/1997. In the first year, approximately 175 new students were expected. In reality, more than 550 students enrolled in one of the five degree courses. On this account, the founders Prof. Dr. Eulenstein, Prof. Dr. Köhler and Prof. Dr. Bronder came to believe that their vision will result in something big.

One of the special features of the Environmental Campus are the Flying Days. These introductory events are conducted regularly and help the students with their start of studies at the ECB.

In 1998, a new construction stage began, the construction of the central building, which was completed and inaugurated in 2001.

From beginning on it has been shown that communication is our strength. In 2012, the communications centre was built, which now hosts various events and creates a connection to the concept of living, learning and working at the same place.

The newest building is the gymnasium, which has been inaugurated in 2015 and which is used since winter semester 2016/17. It has a photovoltaic installation and uses rainwater. The highly modern climate technology is also used for study purposes.