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Campus Company GmbH


Campus³ = Living x Learning x Working

The Campus Company provides services in the educational area.

We accompany and support you whilst you are taking important steps for their future. With us, you lay the foundation to master your life's challenges. The campus company provides you with space for living, space for your development and space for your visions.

Our services include:

Student quarters in the best possible location

The generously sized buildings, which once served as a hospital, offer ideal conditions for student living. 500 apartments of various sizes are available and ready to be made into your home — whether alone or with roommates. An interesting research project was developed right in the midst of the student living area: two identical houses, one constructed to utilise passive energy, the other to operate on low energy, were compared and evaluated based on their economic and ecological efficiency, and now both energy-saving buildings serve as model projects for the German Federal Environment Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt).

Campus-Restaurant Culinaria


Convention Hotel Vicinity

Campus Company Academy


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Managing Director

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