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Course of Study

The standard duration of the master’s degree is 3 semesters from winter semester 2012/13 on.

In the first two semesters, the study consists of six modules that run together with the master’s course in Media Computer Science (30 ECTS points) as well as of six unique modules for the course of studies (30 ECTS points).

In the essential curriculum of Applied Computer Science, modules run in databases and information systems, sustainable software technology, algorithms, machine learning, specialized chapters of computer science and mathematics. The essential curriculum is completed by a consolidation in four modules in the chosen area of concentration, either Environmental and Business Computer Science (20 ECTS) or Robotics (20 ECTS).

The third semester is reserved for the master thesis. The master thesis (final exam) should demonstrate that the students are able to work by them self on a subject-specific problem with scientific methods within a given time. The process time adds up to six months.

This course of study provides a profound, theoretically based and at the same time applied education in the core areas of theoretical, practical and applied computer science.

In the elective module, these comprehensive training contents are specifically completed by domain-specific professional knowledge in one of the two areas of concentration (Robotics or Environmental and Business Computer Science)