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Course of Study

The standard duration for this degree programme (Master of Science in Business Administration and Engineering (Master BAE)) is 2 years (4 semester).  

This Master's programme is composed of 7 to 8 modules.

  • Communication,
  • Mathematics, IT and Statistics,
  • Law and Politics (only focusing on Corporate Management),
  • Technology,
  • Business Administration,
  • Project Work,
  • Elective Modules, 
  • Master Thesis.

During the first three semester students will take modules in Communication, Mathematics, IT and Statistics, Law and Politics, Technology and Business Administration. Upon enrolling students have to choose a focus - either Corporate Management in the supply and disposal industry, or Sustainalbe Logistics Management. Starting in the second semester students can choose elective modules  from a broad range of subjects offered at the Environmental Campus based on individual interests. 

Moreover, project work will be conducted in the third semester, during which acquired skills and knowledge is applied to resolve practical assignments. 

The fourth semester is reserved for the Master thesis. With this final dissertation students demonstrate their ability to independently resolve a subject-related problem by applying scientific research methods within a given time frame. Students have 6 months to complete their thesis. 

Language in which lessons are conducted: German




Prof. Dr. Jochen Struwe
Corporate Management, Accounting and Controlling

+49 6782 17-1105

 Building: 9916 Room: 148