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Application and Admission

The course of studies Business administration and engineering (M. Sc.) is consecutive to the course of studies economic engineer nature/environmental planning (B. Sc.). § 70 exp. 1 sentence 2 HochSchG defines: "A study in a consecutive course of studies is a study, which leads constructing on the acquisition of the Bachelor degree to a first master conclusion and between the Bachelor and master conclusion a phase of professional activity is not necessary." "Conditions for an entrance in a master course are an occupation-qualifying university conclusion. Beyond that the study in a master course depends on further special conditions for entrance; in particularly justified cases exceptions can be certified ", so the default § 19 exp. 4 sentence 2, 3 HochSchG. General condition for permission in accordance with § 4 of the test order for the master course of studies Business administration and engineering is a diploma and/or a Bachelor degree or a comparable conclusion in a course of studies, which stands close for the economic engineer, e.g. Mechanical engineering with economic recess or economic science with technical recess. A purely economical Bachelor agree is usually not sufficient for approval. Technical/scientific engineering knowledge, which are detected by previous training, studies or professional activities may possibly be recognized. 

The first final higher education covers thereby one duration of at least three years. The note average of the last conclusion is to amount to the note 2.5 usually at least. The permission presupposes the proof over sufficient German knowledge and sufficient knowledge of a foreign language. Already in comparable courses of studies furnished achievements can be recognized with statement of the equivalence. On the permission to the master study BEA decides a board of admission, which has the task to examine the adherence to the conditions for entrance of applicants for the course of studies according to the test order. An admission committee verifies if applicants fulfil the requirements set by the examination regulations.  


Application and Admission

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