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Course Content

Digital Product development includes the first design of components, with their construction and simulation, production planning, production and service based on information technology, to monitor all the process. Nowadays a lot of areas are digitalized. The use of CAX- technologies during the development process of the digital product and the digital bundling of production planning tends to digital manufacturing. For example no production plant becomes future in the automotive industry without being secured in the computer before. Beyond the automotive sector the digital production development is also in the medium-size enterprise on advance. In this connection completely new activity profiles have grown and graduates with the master of" Digital production development – mechanical engineering” have good career opportunities.

A goal of the engineer-scientific course is to conciliate studying knowledge of computer-aided methods within the different ranges from industrial enterprises. This study programme is in the situation, to teach ambitious tasks in development; construction, to solve planning and production with the help of modern computer jobs further more to develop the employment of virtual processes in enterprises. By elective subjects, practical work on the project and the Master thesis itself, the students can elect their inclinations, which arrange operational requirements and the job market situation individually.


A reorganization of the industrial world requires a new type of engineers. This new type should be able to learn constantly in addition and continuously changing requirements of the occupation place themselves. Beyond that it must possess more than the ability to interlaced thinking and ability for teamwork. The master course “Digital product development - mechanical engineering” is a combination of the ranges mechanical engineering, computer science and business administration, whereby a special aspect is appropriate within these ranges, that basic and detail knowledge are not only taught, also practical conversion are intensively practiced. In addition the work on the project serves, a special value on interdisciplinary co-operation and this also helps to conclude the Master thesis.


The master course is an application orientated technical course of studies and aims primarily are at an activity in professional experience. The scientific bases of the training give the possibility at the same time to continue with a doctorate and to activities in research and development. The training considered established activity profiles in the same way, like the extensions regarding communication and specialized spreading knowledge, thinking and acting.