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Career Options

The university conclusion "Master of Engineering" with the title "Digital production development – mechanical engineering" meets in the industry a broad and constantly growing demand. This is based on the fact that classical requirements to engineer of mechanical engineering increases additional demands are placed. These requirements are above all the authority in business administration, computer science and in application of computer-aided systems for the solution of different operational task settings. The graduates of this Master course can choose within many ranges of the industry, the service sector, in research and development, in regulatory agencies, public institutions or as an entrepreneur. Following areas can be mentioned:

  • Research and Development,
  • Planning and project engineering,
  • Construction and testing,
  • Production planning and - monitoring,
  • Production planning and manufacturing,
  • Maintenance and service,
  • Consultation and training,
  • System support and - adjustment
  • Commerce and
  • Business Administration.

The graduates of the master course find thereby an interesting and future-oriented activity. The study programme at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld is focussed on research activities. The university location possesses apart from the characteristic of the Campus model and associated student living on the campus. Generously dimensioned research surfaces give the possibility for an establishment of an enterprise cause of a founder park with appropriate premises and a very good infrastructure.