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Course of Study

The degree course offers students a choice between two main areas of focus: Business Law or Energy Management and Environmental Law. 

The following modules are mandatory for all students irrespective of the focus:

Civil Law
Contract Law and Contract Design
Business English
Energy Management Law
European and National Public Procurement Law
European and German Anti-trust Law
Tax Law
Employment/Labour Law
Compliance/Corporate Governance Law
Business Law

Students who choose to focus their studies on Business Law take modules dealing with corporate governance and business management (e.g. Civil Law,  Trade Law and Contract Law). 

In addition, students are trained in solving problems arising in day-to-day business operations. Modules cover Anti-trust Law, Public Procurement Law, Competition Law, Labour Law and Insolvency Law. Course Content is adapted toincreasing internationalisation of markets and goes far beyond the boarders of national law. 

After the "energy transition" Energy Law plays an increasingly significant role in Germany. There is a grwong demand for graduates with expertise in all realms of Energy Law. This requires not only special knowledge of "traditional" public energy and environmental law, but also knowledge of Private Business Law. Students who choose to focus on Energy Law are equipped with exactely this knowledge, a combination of both Energy Law and Business Law, which is indispensable for companies operating in the field of renewable energies. Legal matters in the following areas will be covered in our modules: Energy environmental Law, Climate Protection Law, Industrial Facilities Law, environmental legal issues regarding Area Development Planning and Building Planning. Lectures covering economic and political aspects of the energy buisness complete the curriculum.